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In 2008, a group of eighteen high school girls from Gloucester, Massachusetts were accused of making a pact to become pregnant. Eighteen pregnant girls-four times the norm-and they weren’t accidents.

The girls had planned their pregnancies together, as part of a secret pact. The high school principal leaked the story to Time magazine and ignited a firestorm of controversy.

Public outcry ensued, and the girls became the nations most famous teen mothers. Reporters from Europe, Asia, Australia, the UK and Brazil flooded the little community, frenzied in pursuit of the story and an explanation.

Gloucester Massachusetts became known as “Pregnancy Town,” which became an international embarrassment for the residents who fell silent and resentful that speculation on the sex life of their daughters had become the topic of tabloids and talk shows. The girls were hidden away, kept from the press so that they couldn’t find the true story. As the community shut its doors to the media, the truth behind the pact and what really happened was never revealed…

“THE GLOUCESTER 18” once and for all tells the real story.

And some of it is shocking. And it hasn’t been easy getting studios and networks to show

it because some of it is disturbing.

One of the girls in the film became pregnant as a result of witnessing a brutal murder/suicide. Her mother became so distressed that she tried to kill herself only hours after we filmed her for the movie.

One of the girls gave birth and her baby died four weeks later. She was then investigated for her baby’s sudden death. “The Gloucester 18” has the only footage in existence of this child.

One of the girls in the film was only in the sixth grade when she became pregnant at 12 years old.

Most of the girls who appear in the film are either pregnant again or have already given birth to a second baby.

Gloucester 18 does not “spin” teen pregnancy.

It’s real and raw and doesn’t glamorize teen pregnancy like shows such as “Teen Mom” which glamorizes teen pregnancy–an attempt to make it realistic has actually succeeded in granting these girls a little fame as they grace the magazine covers of US Weekly, OK! and People, so pretty much the tops of the tiers of the tabloid/gossips.

Here’s a quote from a CNN story about the response when “Teen Mom” was on the US Weekly cover:

“A lot of editors here at the magazine watch the show,” said Lara Cohen, a news director at Us Weekly. “It’s compelling. We’d been pushing to do stuff in the magazine and then we saw how well it was doing ratings-wise over the summer. We decided to take a gamble on it as a cover because we liked it so much.”The response? Overwhelming.

“We were floored by how well [the issue] did on the newsstand for us,” Cohen said. “It was one of our biggest sales of the summer.” Though Cohen wasn’t able to discuss specific figures, she said sales were similar to the issues featuring “Bachelor” scandals.

Bottom line-if you want to see what it’s really like when children give birth to children-watch The Gloucester 18.


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