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I am really hoping to shine a light on this story and raise public awareness on a much-needed subject. At least 80 young people have been found hanged in the small Welsh town of Bridgend. (About two hours north of London.) Most of them were friends. None of them left notes. A lot of them were pretty young girls. Many of the town’s people believe there’s a serial killer cleverly disguising the deaths. Others feel there’s a sinister cult related suicide pact. There have been so many deaths in the town that Bridgend has been nicknamed “Death Town.” The government placed a gag order on town officials and members of Parliament so the story can be buried. A press embargo was ordered and the story is not being covered or reported accurately in the press. The actual number of victims is much greater than what has been written or acknowledged. The hangings continue today. There were at least three more last month. When I went to Bridgend to investigate the rumors- I was bullied and threatened. The police and government officials refused to be interviewed or even provide a statement or confirm the number of deaths. Through extensive research and investigation, and by literally knocking on doors, earning people’s trust, and hiring private investigators,

(Two were ex-Bridgend cops) I was able to uncover the identities of the victims, and the true stories behind the deaths. I had the good fortune to meet 19 year-old Justin Beecham, early on in my investigation and we quickly became friends. I hired Justin to help me find the victim’s families because I had discovered that the first 5 teens found hanged were all good friends of Justin’s. Many times over the year of filming, Justin would say (on film) that he would never hang himself. He would never put his family through such grief or agony. Shortly after I left Bridgend, Justin Beecham was found hanged. I had to re-edit the film to let viewers know that Justin was now dead. The story of his death defies logic.

Another woman in my film, Michelle, has a story to tell that is beyond belief. Six of the closest people in her life were found hanged: Michelle’s daughter, husband, cousin, nephew, student, and close friend all hanged themselves over the course of a year.

Through exclusive interviews with family members and friends of the victims, the film “Bridgend” traces the victim’s final hours, revealing the lives lost in this tragic story. One boy laid out his suit to attend his friend’s funeral, and hours later walked to a tree next to the one where the friend had died and hanged himself. Another girl was found hanging in a bathroom just hours after hearing of the suicide of her younger cousin. A young man, having attended several of his friends’ funerals, ended his life in a children’s park after arriving home from a night at the pub. Within weeks, two of his ex-girlfriends were also dead by the same method. The stories leading up to the tragic deaths are varied, but they are starkly alike in their endings. The victims are left hanging from coat jackets or cell phone cords or ropes, from playground slides or banisters or the back of a closet door.

Inside the morgue, the coroner details the alarming spike in hanging victims brought in for examination. From an office at Bridgend’s suicide hotline, an expert grasps at the ethereal explanation behind the suicide epidemic. Disturbing news headlines warn of a pact or a cult among the young people of Bridgend. “Bridgend” explores these theories, putting rumors to rest and getting to the root of what caused the tragic deaths.

There is a dark cloud looming over Bridgend. While debate still rages over the cause of these hanging deaths, the numbers continue to rise. One thing is for certain: there are innumerable friends and family members in Bridgend, Wales who have been directly affected by these tragedies. “Bridgend” probes the chilling drama unfolding in a town that will be haunted by the one question those are forever cursed to ask: why? I am really hoping that with your help this story will see the light of day and children will stop taking their lives.