The Easter Egg Escapade


This surprising and original adventure is a tale of mystery and suspense, packed with some of the most delightful and memorable characters ever to grace the pages of a children’s book. Along the way, your child will fall in love with Horrible Harriet Hare, Good Gracious Grasshopper, and Big Boring Benedict Bunny, as these characters face challenging obstacles and learn important lessons from their remarkable journey.

More than just an Easter tale, this story is destined to become a classic. John Michael Williams’ wonderful characters and Pamela Levy’s stunning illustrations work together to take you and your child on an odyssey you will never forget.

Wondering William and the Sandman


William wonders about everything. Why is water wet? Why is snow white? He is determined to get answers to his many questions, and that’s why he’s known as Wondering William.

Most of all, he wonders about the Sandman. William writes the Sandman letters and even leaves him brownies and milk – all in the hope of convincing him to visit. One night, Wondering William’s curiosity and persistence pay off!

In this soothing and enjoyable story, young readers will be comforted to learn that their constant curiosity exists for a purpose: wondering is the first step in learning life’s most important lessons. John Michael Williams’ sensitive and intimate story enables us to understand feelings shared by all children. This touching story is accompanied by Diane Fontaine Levy’s exquisite oil paintings, which will transport you and your child to a world of mystery and awe. Wondering William and the Sandman is the perfect bed-time story that will be cherished by young and old alike.

Rules of the Road Toads


Rules of the Road Toads is a story that will entertain and delight your child while communicating critical lessons about safety. The Road Toads are extremely lovable creatures who live long and healthy lives because they follow important rules. Your child too can become a member of the Road Toad Club by learning and following these rules.

This heartwarming and purposeful book ingeniously teaches your child life-saving principles and is designed for easy learning and memorization. Rules of the Road Toads is a must for any parent concerned with personal safety, as it presents an enjoyable but essential learning opportunity for all children.