I Believe in You (1 of 3)

The video that started it all. I spent several years as a filmmaker filming a documentary about 99 young people in a small Welsh town who hanged themselves. It was a heart breaking and traumatic experience to document. It was unimaginable grief and pain for all those involved. I became close friends with many of the victim’s families. I believed and prayed that they would survive. This song was born from that experience.

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A World Without Love (2 of 3)

The second music video in the trilogy after I Believe in You. The story that began with the first music video moves forward as the story continues, and the lives of these people unfold. I hope you take some time to watch the video, listen to the lyrics, and contemplate a world without love.

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Our Mother: A Prayer for Humanity (3 of 3)

This is the ending of the trilogy that started with I Believe in You. In a world filled with so much heartache, I wanted to create a prayer that all humanity.

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  • A Mysterious Viral Hit: How Did 35 Million People Find This Song?

    A song with an anti-suicide message from an obscure musician has gone viral — and even the singer doesn’t know how or why More than 35,000,000 people have watched the video for John Michael Williams’ song “I Believe In You” since it was uploaded to YouTube on Apr. 16.* That’s about three times more people than have watched the clip for a Justin Bieber song uploaded that same week. Unlike some of the most popular YouTube videos out there, “I Believe In You” has no stars and no humor. And at least one of its millions of viewers—Williams himself—doesn’t know how that many other people found the clip.

  • John Michael Williams

    Tres geniales canciones de John Michael Williams se han sabido ganar el corazón de los usuarios de YouTube que las han catapultados como sus favoritos.“I Believe In You can be watched here” fue la primera canción que el cantante subió a YouTube en abril pasado y que a la fecha tiene más de 45 millones de reproducciones.En la misma semana que este video fue publicado, Justin Bieber también hizo lo mismo con All Around The World en su canal oficial, logrando hasta el momento 15 millones de vistas menos que el clip de John Michael Williams.

  • Surprise YouTube sensation talks about breakthrough success

    (NECN) – It’s the song that in a month has become the number one video in 14 countries.
    “I Believe in You” has over 41 million hits on YouTube, three times more popular than Justin Bieber’s “All Around the World”.John Michael Williams, musician and filmmaker from Lynnfield, Mass., the man behind the song, joins NECN to talk about its recent success. “I think that maybe the reason this song is doing so well is, doesn’t everyone in the world want someone to say ‘I love you, I believe in you’,” said Williams.He said he wanted to make a video where he could spread the message that he wants people to believe in themselves and in love.

  • You gotta ‘Believe’ in this YouTube hit

    Lynnfield musician/filmmaker John Michael Williams recorded a haunting song about love and faith and put it up on YouTube last month. He sent it out to family and friends, whereupon, he said, “It went out and made babies.”
    Less than a month later, “I Believe in You” has more than 41 million hits, it is the No. 1 video in 14 countries and has received three times as many views as Justin Bieber’s “All Around The World,” which went up the same day.

  • A World Without Love by John Michael Williams

    The music video was featured on the front page of the Times of India entertainment web page.

Club Remix ()

I always get asked about remixing my music. So I did, and here you have the first remix for I Believe in You. I have been getting a lot of great feedback from people about the remix, and I hope to make more remixes in the future.

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